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Releases to Love in February & March

The Coral - In Between

After five years residing in the ‘where are they now’ file, The Coral have hit the festival line ups and album preorder charts of 2016 like a tonne of bricks. Front man James Skelly has told fans to expect a more “minimal and rhythmical” sound from the band. ’Distance Inbetween’ is realised on March 4th and we’re all very excited about it.

Animal Collective - Painting With

The tenth studio album by these American experiments, expect more weird and wonderful music from the band that everyone had thought finished until the announcement of this album ‘Painting With.’ To give you an idea of the strange noises to come, band member Weitz recalls “the guys would deliver [instruments to us] … they’d be like, ‘This was used in Planet of the Apes. These metal rods that make these singing tones’ … they’re like 'These are from the Poltergeist soundtrack.” Painting With is released February 19th.

Violet Femmes - We Can Do Anything

Wisconsin indie rockers Violent Femmes are releasing their first studio album since regrouping in 2013. Frontman Gordon Gano included a handful of songs for We Can Do Anything from a trove of old cassette demos and journals from the height of their fame, including “Big Car” and “I Could Be Anything.” We Can Do Anything is due for release on March 4th.

Damian Jurado - Visions of Us on the Land

Seattle singer/songwriter Damian Jurado’s Visions of Us on the Land is his 12th album release since 1997. On Secretly Canadian, the label has said this work, “completes the tale of an individual who has had to disappear from society in order to discover some universal truths.” We’re looking forward to hear those universal truths when the album drops on March 18th.

Iggy Pop - Post Pop Depression

Hands down the most exciting release of the next month and Iggy Pop’s most exciting project in decades. Formed and recorded in secrecy, Josh Homme from QOTSA produces Post Pop Depression whilst Dean Fertita performs on the album with the Arctic Monkey’s Matt Helders. A constant on my youtube history page since it’s release, ‘Gardenia’ from the album is excellent, a modern return to Pop’s strengths, but lets be honest, he hasn’t many weaknesses. Post Pop Depression is out March 18th