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Best Releases Of January 2016

In an explosive month of releases, kicked off by the late, Thin White Duke’s ★ we look at some of the excellent releases of January.

Villagers - Where Have You Been All My Life?

The fourth studio album by the Irish folk band Villagers, 'Where Have You Been All My Life' follows 'Darling Arithmetic' and comes as the band are mid way through an almost sold out tour. Tickets and dates can be found at

Savages - Adore Life

Post punk prophets Savages return to strength with Adore Life, “T.I.W.Y.G.” has been getting massive radio play ahead of the group headlining countless festivals this summer. Adore Life is another surprise from the young visionaries as Savages surprise fans and critics alike. Available now on CD Vinyl and digital download.

Star Wars - The Ultimate Soundtrack Collection

As we all gladly see the end of Star Wars hype, John William’s complete work for the Star Wars franchise is being released on CD and vinyl boxset. A huge part of the world’s draw and fascination to Star Wars, these scores catalogue the series as much as a blu-ray boxset does and as the now infamous twitter account ‘Emo Kylo Ren’ said “you can’t truly appreciate the imperial march until you hear it on vinyl.”

Ty Segall - Emotional Mugger

From the man who’s got a little machine in the creative part of his brain, Ty Segall releases his 8th studio album in 8 years. Suiting the madness of his music, Segall has publicised the album by sending a VHS tape to pitchfork and creating with a video explaining the creative process of Emotional Mugger. Ring 1-800-281-2968 and get a message from Ty himself.

Our Pick

A close finish between Adore Life and Emotional Mugger, it’s Savages pipping Segall to the post with an album we at Independent Music think will be massively important not only to the post punk revival scene but modern band music. An absolute must for any music fans, make Adore Life your next vinyl purchase!