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The Long Awaited and Expected Return of the Vinyl Record

From those of us that are older, never losing faith, to the kids who, once unearthing their parent’s records, never buying another digital album, there are many of us that knew the vinyl record’s charm and audio quality would, once again, triumph.

As the music industries figures are released for the last year, we can see that 2015 was the return of black wax’s market strength. The BPI and Nielsen Soundscan released reports showing us a 3.5% increase in music sales altogether in the UK and a bump of 15.2% in the US.

Understandably, streaming sites are up 82% here and 93% in the states, it was vinyl which impressed the most though, with a 21 year high increase of 64% in the UK. Americans purchased a head spinning 11.9 million pressed records citing 29% on 2014.

Both sets of statistics say a lot about evolving music tastes, streaming will forever grow with less and less acts avoiding on the sites, (see our countdown of streaming "newcomers" The Beatles album covers.) It does show us though that more and more people, young and old are appreciating the physicality and warmth of playing an LP from start to finish.

In the iPod generation, music lovers such as myself were scared that the shuffle button could forever ruin the art form of an album. Listening to an LP end to end is something that is inherently part of spinning vinyl, these figures show us that the album along with vinyl record are turning to strength.

Tabletop record players and turntables also had a mammoth year with HMV stating that they were selling one record player every minute over Christmas, Amazon have also said that the record player was the biggest selling home audio equipment of 2015 whilst John Lewis recorded an increase of 240% of record player sales.

May the vinyl record, quality record players, the LP art form and all three’s resurgence continue to grow and grow.