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We Count Down Our Favourite Beatles Artwork.

The Beatles have finally given in to the fact that, for the first time since their release, they are no longer selling physical copies (CD or Vinyl) at the volume they always have. Worrying as this is, it’s the current trend of the music industry that streaming services and gig sales are how bands make money. So refuting that ‘All You Need is Love’ instead harping their earlier ‘Money (That’s all I Want),’ the Beatles have joined streaming services.

To celebrate their return to a larger, younger audience, we count down what also gave the Beatles their greatest cultural impact other than their music, their artwork.

1 - Sgt Pepper

2 - Abbey Road

3 - Revolver

4 - The Beatles (White Album)

5 - Rubber Soul

6 - Help

7 - Hard Day’s Night

8 - Beatles for Sale

9 - Please Please Me

10 - Let It Be